Rent Setting, Service Charges & Variations

Get Involved!

We review our rent setting and service charge policies on an annual basis (usually starting in September each year) and we are always looking to involve our tenants in the process.  We are always open to ideas and suggestions which can improve our performance.

If you would like to assist us, then please contact our Housing Manager, Joe Farrell, for more information.

Setting our Rents and Service Charges

Clydebank Housing Association aims to charge rents which are affordable to its tenants. Rents cover the cost of:

  • managing and maintaining our properties
  • repaying any mortgages or loans owing
  • setting aside money for repairs that will be needed in the future

You may also pay a charge which will cover services.

Examples are:

  • maintaining communal landscaped or grassed areas
  • stair lighting
  • communal electricity supplies
  • communal area window cleaning
  • the cost of any support provided by an external agency

Different arrangements for rent setting exist for the different types of tenants.

Former Secure Tenants who have the Preserved right to Rent Registration

The rents are set by the Rent Officer every three years. Clydebank Housing Association proposes a rent, including a charge for services, to the Rent Officer; the tenants have an opportunity to object, meeting with the Rent Officer if necessary, and the Rent Officer decides the level of rent to be registered.  Tenants have a right of appeal to the Rent Assessment Committee who may increase or decrease the rent.  28 days notice of a rent increase will be given.

Scottish Secure Tenants

Clydebank Housing Association sets the rents for Scottish Secure Tenants who were not previously secure tenants.  We take into account the need to cover our costs as described above.  The new rent, including any services, will be applied on the 28 March each year.  The rents set take into account the differences between sizes and types of properties and the amenities that they offer.  We give 28 days notice of the yearly rent increase.

Short Scottish Secure Tenants

For the small number of these tenants, Clydebank Housing Association sets the rent following exactly the same procedure as for Scottish Secure Tenants.

Variations of Terms

The terms of your tenancy can only be varied with your agreement.

This will only be done in exceptional circumstances, for example we may provide extra services not originally provided such as a community alarm if required.  In these cases we will ask you to agree to the new services being provided and included as a service charge.