Report a Repair

If you have a repair which requires attention, please help the Association to fulfil its responsibilities by reporting it to the Association without unnecessary delay.

You should take all necessary precautions to protect yourself and the property until the problem is remedied.

Reports can be made via telephone or fax, e-mail or in person at the Association offices or by filling in the online form below and clicking on the submit button.

Tenants should give their name, address, telephone number and wherever possible a suitable access arrangement. If you have made an access arrangement and you are not going to be at home then you must notify the Association in advance so that abortive calls and unnecessary costs are minimised. Tenants should be aware that they might be recharged for unnecessary abortive calls.

Please give as full a description of the repair as you can, this will help to ensure that correct and effective repairs are instructed.

When a contractor calls to carry out a repair they will have a works order or job card for you to sign when the work is completed. This is confirmation to the Association that the work has in fact been completed and that you are satisfied with the repair. It is therefore very important that you sign and date the form or contact the Association to advise that you are not completely satisfied.

Report a Repair Form

I understand by submitting the information I have provided that it is covered by up-to-date Data Protection legislation and it will be processed as per the Fair Processing Notice available on our website here or on request from our office.