Ethical Standards 2016

“We aim to implement a code of ethical practice, which meets the expectations of our customers, our funders and other stakeholders.”

  • Our work will be carried out in an open and sensitive manner, taking the needs of all stakeholders into account.
  • We will treat our staff, our customers and our associates with courtesy and respect, maintaining confidentiality where appropriate.
  • We will vigorously defend the good name of the Association when necessary and will not tolerate or condone abusive, threatening or anti-social behaviour of any kind towards our committee members, our employees, our associates or our customers and will ensure that even seemingly minor complaints are investigated and acted upon.
  • We will encourage diversity. We will not discriminate on any such basis as Age, Disability, Gender Reassignment, Marriage, and Civil Partnership, Pregnancy & Maternity, Race, Religion or Belief, Sex, and Sexual Orientation.
  • We will ensure that equal access to all of our services is enjoyed by everyone.
  • We will invest in our people, encouraging development on both professional and personal levels, in line with the “Investors in People” and “Investors in Young People” standards.
  • Members of staff have the opportunity to make an annual donation towards the relief of homelessness, by means of an annual donation, through “Homeless International”, to the “Hours Pay Campaign”.
  • We are committed to following environmental best practice in all of our activities and the provision of all services and to this end, adopted our own sustainability policy in November 2010.
  • In all developments, where practicable, we will adopt the design requirements of the “Secured by Design” accreditation from Strathclyde Police and the Scottish Government’s “Housing for Varying Needs” standard.
  • We aim to procure goods and services from those who share similar values.
  • We will encourage the development of the social economy in Clydebank.
  • Specifically, we will provide affordable, quality accommodation for third sector businesses, which aim to deliver services in the town.
  • We will ensure that the community we serve is at the heart of decision-making and has the opportunity to contribute to all aspects of service planning and delivery in a rational, constructive and co-operative manner.
  • We will strive to provide fully inclusive facilities, services and activities to the residents of Clydebank to enhance quality of life, economic and social inclusion, reduce inequalities, address deprivation, develop individual social capital and act as a catalyst to progress the wider regeneration of the area.