Management Committee

The Management Committee has varied backgrounds and skills and comprises of tenants and owner-occupiers. Most members live in the Clydebank area and share a commitment both to improving housing conditions and the local environment and to local control.

One of the existing Management Committee is a founder member of the Association who has just celebrated 10 years' service and most are long serving, therefore, the management and control of the Association is assisted by years of valuable experience. This has enabled the Association to develop, not only as a good service provider, but also as a successful business with a proven track record of achievement.

The Management Committee is elected from among the members and there are 15 places on the Committee. The Committee normally meets monthly and sub-committees can be set up to deal with particular aspects of the Association's affairs, like new developments. Copies of Management Committee Meeting Minutes can be made available upon request.

The Committee is responsible for the Association's strategies and policies like housing management, maintenance, finance and employment. Serving as a Committee member is both interesting and worthwhile. If you would be interested in serving as a Management Committee member, please call the office on 0141 941 1044 and ask to speak to Sharon Keenan, Chief Executive.

To contact any Committee Member, please write in to the office.

Management Committee as at September 2020

Kimberley Tennant Chairperson
Catherine McGarrity Vice Chairperson
Paul Shiach Secretary
John Hillhouse Treasurer
Grace Daly
Doris Smith
John Calderwood
Joseph O'Donnell
Laura Breeze
Kathleen Brown
Councillor John Mooney (co-opted)  
Councillor Marie McNair (co-opted)

Management Committee Member - Professional Biographies


Office Bearer Roles

We currently have 4 'Office Bearers' - Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.  Please find below a summary of their roles. 

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