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5-Year Plans

**Please note 5-Year Plans are currently under review, given delays due to Covid-19 and other factors such as shortage of materials/building supplies.  In the meantime, please direct any questions to the Maintenance Team on 0141 941 1044 or e-mail maintenance@clydebank-ha.org.uk**

Clydebank Housing Association wants to “provide a first class maintenance service which offers value for money and ensures the comfort and safety of our residents while achieving high levels of satisfaction” and maintain properties where people want to live and create a home.  As part of this commitment we have developed an Asset Management Strategy which describes how we will plan ahead to keep our stock in good condition and make the right investment at the right time.

Our 5-Year Programme for your home (see below) has been developed from information we have on our housing stock contained within our stock condition survey.  This document was revised in September 2018 and developed with Quantity Surveyors to incorporate our legislative and energy efficiency requirements.

We continually invest in our homes and aim to get as much as we can out of our components and renew them only when they reach the end of their useful life.  This way we get value for money and, just as important, we are able to keep our rents affordable to tenants and meet our customers’ expectations.

If you have any questions please contact Jack Devlin, Housing Services Manager, on 0141 941 1044 or email maintenance@clydebank-ha.org.uk.

File Description File
Scheme 001-7 04.19 Alexander/Whitecrook St/Kilbowie/Dumbarton Rd PDF icon
Scheme 008-10 04.19 Bon Accord/Forth St/Dumbarton Rd PDF icon
Scheme 011 04.19 Jean Armour Drive PDF icon
Scheme 012 04.19 West Thomson/Janetta St PDF icon
Scheme 014 04.19 127 + 179-189 Glasgow Rd PDF icon
Scheme 016 4.19 Ian Smith Ct/Fleming Avenue PDF icon
Scheme 017 04.19 15-27 Bannerman Place PDF icon
Scheme 018 04.19 Melfort Court PDF icon
Scheme 019 04.19 Crown Avenue PDF icon
Scheme 020 04.19 Glasgow Road/Hume Street PDF icon
Scheme 021 04.19 Bell St/East Barns St/McGregor St/White St PDF icon
Scheme 022 04.19 Riddell Street PDF icon
Scheme 023 04.19 Linnvale - BISF construction PDF icon
Scheme 024 04.19 Linnvale - Whitson Fairhurst Construction PDF icon
Scheme 025 04.19 Linnvale - Blackburn Construction PDF icon
Scheme 026 04.19 Linnvale - Atholl Steel construction PDF icon
Scheme 027 04.19 Linnvale - Atholl Brick construction PDF icon
Scheme 028 04.19 Attlee Place PDF icon
Scheme 029 01.19 Radnor Park PDF icon
Scheme 030 04.19 Bannerman Place excl. 15-27 PDF icon
Scheme 031 04.19 Cart Street PDF icon
Scheme 032-1 04.19 Barrie Quadrant PDF icon
Scheme 032-2 04.19 Braes Avenue PDF icon
Scheme 032-3 04.19 Brown Avenue PDF icon
Scheme 032 4 04.19 John Knox Street PDF icon
Scheme 032 5 04.19 King Street PDF icon
Scheme 032 6 04.19 Lilac Avenue PDF icon
Scheme 032 7 04.19 Montrose Street PDF icon
Scheme 032 8 04.19 Onslow Road PDF icon
Scheme 033 04.19 Graham Avenue PDF icon


  • Programmes are listed in order of the scheme numbers we use so that any enquiries can be dealt with quickly. 
  • The programmes are based on assumptions that components have reached the end of their lifespan.
  • Properties may be removed from contracts if the component has already been replaced.
  • The Association will do its best to keep to the programme and dates indicated. However, if circumstances beyond our control force us to reschedule any proposed works we will make sure residents are given information about the changes as soon as possible.
  • Please note common works may be subject to owner consultation which may cause delays.
  • For info, schemes 13 and 15 have been omitted as they are shared ownership properties.