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Centre81 Steering Group

The Centre81 Steering Group was established in May 2019 with its aim to provide community services for residents of East Clydebank using the community asset, Centre81. The Steering Group Committee is made up of local residents and stakeholders of Centre81 and has now achieved charitable status. The Steering Group currently operate an afterschool youth club on a Thursday, and a range of other activities such as school holiday programmes, art group, women’s group and homework club.

They have ensured that the Centre81 children’s and young people’s engagement has developed to become a crucial element in the support structure and activities for those families in East Clydebank and surrounding area. This is borne out through month-on-month feedback from residents who see the Steering Group as being essential for providing structure and an affordable local service.

The aims of Centre81 Steering Group in accordance with their constitution, have been updated to achieve charitable status to the following:
To advance citizenship and community development by providing better, increased, or more linked up services within Centre81 and the surrounding community of Whitecrook in Clydebank and to promote and encourage full involvement of the community in Centre81.

The provision of recreation facilities and the organisation of recreational activities with the objective of improving the conditions of life of the inhabitants of Whitecrook in Clydebank by providing facilities and activities that helps people’s ability to participate in community life.

Centre81 Steering Group currently has 4 members of staff and a range of volunteers who are supported on their satire volunteer awards. Committee Office bearers and all other 10 Charity trustees are involved in the management and control of Centre81 Steering Group.