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Annual Assurance Statement

Our Management Committee is currently embarking on its self-assurance process which will ultimately lead to the compilation of its second Annual Assurance Statement to the Scottish Housing Regulator.  The Regulatory Standards of Governance and Financial Management, which all Registered Social Landlords should comply with, are reviewed and evidence and information gathered for each of the Standards as well as for other Regulatory requirements.  The information gathered will lead to the Management Committee confirming compliance or indeed if improvements have to be made to be compliant in its Assurance Statement which will be submitted by 30 November (usually 31 October).  We would be delighted to hear from tenants who would like to know more about the process or get involved, please contact us on the following details:

E: info@clydebank-ha.org.uk

T: 0141 941 1044

Please find the link to our Regulatory Framework below:


Please find the link to our most recent statement here.