Staff as at November 2019

To e-mail a member of staff, just click on their name below.  A full staff structure is available here.

Management Team
Sharon Keenan Chief Executive
Lynette Lees Head of Finance & Corporate Services
Joe Farrell Head of Housing Services
Fiona White Finance & Corporate Services Manager
Alison Macfarlane Housing Services Manager
Communications & Wider Role
Michael McLaughlin Data Protection and Compliance Officer
Sinead Farrell Communications Officer
Ali Mailey Centre81 Co-ordinator (Part Time)
Jean Edmonds Centre81 Receptionist (Part Time)
Andrew Babb Centre81 Caretaker
James McKay Centre81 Caretaker
Ryan Savage Project Officer (Temp)
Donald Campbell Community Gardener (Temp)
Finance & Corporate Services
Geraldine Whitley Finance Assistant
Janet Dunphy Senior Admin Assistant
Drew McDougall Clerical Officer (Part Time)
Melanie Cameron Clerical Officer (Part Time)
Taylor Kelly Finance & Admin Trainee
Housing Services
Catherine Banks Housing Officer
Fiona Campbell Housing Officer (PT) / Housing Assistant (PT)
Stacy Shaw Housing Officer (Part Time)
Joan Craig Housing Assistant
Lynne McKenzie Housing Assistant (Part Time)
Margaret McKeitch Clerical Officer
Alan Duckett Estate Caretaker
George Stevenson Maintenance Officer
Jack Devlin Maintenance Officer
Chato Chilambwe Maintenance Assistant
Sam Joyce / Ali Mailey Maintenance Assistants (mornings / afternoons)
Rae Carruthers Clerical Assistant
Jim Inglis Caretaker
Donnie McDonald Caretaker
Charlie Kane Caretaker
Office Cleaners 
Ann Doris  
Margaret Allan