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We hope you find all the information you need on these pages regarding our current developments (links below).  We aim to keep these pages as up to date as we can.  Please pass any enquiries or issues you may have about our sites to info@clydebank-ha.org.uk or call 0141 941 1044.  

Queens Quay

Dalton Avenue (former St Cuthbert's Church Site)

Clydebank Bowling Club

Apply for a House

Please note if you are already on our housing list for the house sizes being included in our developments, you will automatically have our new developments added to your choices.  If you are not on our housing list and wish to apply to us for housing, visit our application page where you can access our housing and medical forms.  Once completed, you can return by email to applications@clydebankha.org.uk

CHA Newsletters

Our Newsletters also contain a development update on all of our current developments.

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Press Releases

Press releases which often contain information regarding our developments are available here.


Currently, we are a developing organisation. 

Our Management Committee is committed to development and one of their priorities is to increase the diversity of our stock whilst meeting the requirements of the local housing strategy and contributing to the regeneration of Clydebank.

We have 3 developments active at the moment with other potential developments in the pipeline. We have brought together some information on our developments which we hope is of interest to you. Please let us know if you would like any further information or if you wish to join our Management Committee and contribute to our decision making.

Development opportunities cross our path in a number of ways. On some we are approached by a builder for a ‘Design and Build’, where the design is already agreed, some are in partnership with others, like at Queens Quay, and some, like Dalton Avenue, we purchased on the open market.

It is out of our control which local sites are used for private housing and which are used for social housing. This is driven by West Dunbartonshire Council’s Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP - link below) and the Local Housing Strategy (covers about 3-5 years). We let them know each year what sites we are interested in and the Council considers it for inclusion in the SHIP.

What we consider

Before considering a development we look at the potential housing mix, whether the costs stack up and also staffing provision.

We don’t use the funds we have in the bank for development – we need them for our future major repairs to your homes! We work with the Scottish Government and West Dunbartonshire Council (who distributes the Government’s housing grant) to provide the highest level of housing grant available then assess how much Private Finance (loans) we will need.  We make sure the rents received from the properties will cover the loan.

What is a Clerk of Works?

We employ a Clerk of Works on a development-by-development basis. The Clerk of Works oversees the progress of the development for us and reports back on any issues such as delays in supplies, site condition and health and safety.

Helping to alleviate Homelessness

We support West Dunbartonshire Council in their duty to rehouse homeless people by providing up to 50% of our homes to homeless referrals. This means around half of our new build homes go to homeless applicants.


View the SHIP here https://www.west-dunbarton.gov.uk/council/strategies-plans-and-policies/housing/strategic-housing-investment-plan/ 

Wheelchair Adapted Homes

We try to accommodate 10% of specialist homes such as wheelchair adapted properties within our developments.