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Rent Setting Consultation 2021/2022

Our consultation for the above period has now closed.  The Management Committee has made a decison on the rent increase for this period and it will be 0.7%. Below are the options that were presented to tenants and sharing owners for this period.


We aim to keep our rents affordable while managing and maintaining your homes and our estates to an excellent standard.  Based on feedback received from our recent Tenant Satisfaction Surveys (including our recent Customer Care during Covid-19 survey) and our recently updated Business Plan 2020-2025, we were pleased to offer you the following 3 options:

Option 1 - 0.7% - Continued delivery of services already provided to our tenants including c. £2.3m spend on property maintenance, management and planned investment in your home as detailed on page 3 of the booklet in the table below.

Option 2 - 1.0% - As per option 1 plus a dedicated pot of money set aside for the creation of a digital lending library for tenants. This would include the provision of devices such as Wi-Fi dongles, tablets and laptops.  This library will be available for all tenants and other household members when they need them. It is hoped that the library would be extended in the future by accessing available funding streams but this expenditure would kick start this project.

Option 3 - 1.7% - As per option 1 alongside introducing an Energy Support worker position within the Association would help to support and assist tenants with the following: -

  • securing cheaper energy prices
  • general energy advice
  • help with switching energy providers
  • carrying out home energy assessments in your home
  • general advice on energy tariffs that are available
  • accessing any financial support available
  • liaising with energy providers on your behalf

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