Success of first virtual public meetings – our Special General Meeting (SGM) and 35th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Clydebank Housing Association (CHA) is delighted to report the success of its first virtual public meetings, starting off with a SGM and then its 35th AGM!

On 23 September, 22 (15.3%) of CHA’s shareholders were in attendance for the SGM (15.3%) and 24 (16.7%) then attended the AGM.

The Association had to adapt its usual format of holding its AGM in their community centre, Centre81, given the current climate and recent temporary legislation allowing AGMs to be held online. The Association also held a Special General Meeting for shareholders to consider updating its rules to the SFHA Charitable Model Rules (Scotland) 2020 version and all those present on the evening were in agreement of the adoption.

Shareholders then heard from Kimberley Tennant, Chairperson, as to what CHA had achieved during the year and its plans for the future in terms of a focus on maximising monies for residents, plans for Centre81 and new build developments. Sharon Keenan, Chief Executive outlined investment in stock and performance results, with comparisons to the previous year, and Lynette Lees, Head of Finance & Corporate Services, also explained the Association’s annual accounts and financial position at the year-end, highlighting the financial strength of the Association.

Mrs. Tennant assured shareholders, “that what is most important to us is continuing to achieve high standards of service delivery and high levels of tenant satisfaction throughout. We will do this by continuing to involve our customers in shaping our services and in our decision-making processes. Our customers will be our priority…. even more so during these unprecedented times”.

Mrs. Tennant also acknowledged the hard work and support of the staff and in particular, her fellow committee members for ensuring continuous learning and carrying out their unpaid work diligently and with dedication.