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Alterations - Installation of Laminated Flooring

Conditions of the Alteration:

By completing and submitting the form below to us, you agree to be bound by the conditions below.  You will still require to await email confirmation from our Maintenance Team before proceeding with the works.

  1. The laminated flooring must not be glued to the existing flooring.
  2. Should access be required beneath the flooring for any future repair or maintenance work then the laminated flooring would have to be lifted and re-laid by yourself or at your expense.
  3. As services run beneath the existing flooring, nails should not be used to secure your laminated flooring as damage may occur to service pipes and cables.
  4. The existing skirting boards should not be removed or altered to accommodate the laminated flooring.
  5. You should fit the correct type of laminate for the room it is intended, i.e. waterproof laminate for bathrooms and kitchens.
  6. The recommended underlay used for your laminate should be a minimum of 5 millimetres thick. This is for the purpose of reducing impact sound which may cause a noise nuisance to your neighbours.
  7. Submit photographic evidence to show the required minimum thickness of underlay is being used while work is in progress.  Photos can be emailed to maintenance@clydebank-ha.org.uk 
  8. The Housing Association cannot be responsible for any damage to your laminated flooring and we would advise you to have adequate home contents insurance to cover this.

Alterations Form