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Alterations - Installation of a Satellite Dish

Conditions of the Alteration:

By completing and submitting the form below to us, you agree to be bound by the conditions below.  You will still require to await email confirmation from our Maintenance Team before proceeding with the works.

  1. The dish must be located in a position approved by the Association.
  2. Any dish installed should be of the “mini dish” type i.e. 50-75cm.
  3. All cabling shall be discretely fitted and sealed at the point (if necessary) of penetration through the building. No loose cabling will be permitted on the externals of the building.
  4. Routing of cabling through window or door frames will not be permitted.
  5. Any dish installed must be mounted securely.
  6. The installation will be completed by competent trades’ people.
  7. The tenant will be responsible for any damaged caused to the fabric of the building.
  8. The tenant will be responsible for any maintenance of the dish and its wiring and for any fault arising from these items.
  9. The tenant will, at their own expense, arrange for removal of the dish and making good of any damage to the fabric of the building at the end of their tenancy.
  10. The Association will inspect approved installations on completion to ensure they comply with all required conditions. Any remedial works required will be made at the expense of the tenant.
  11. The Association reserves the right to remove any unapproved and/or unsafe installations and recover costs accordingly.

Alterations Form