CHA Celebration Fund 2020!

This fund has now closed.

The small print: only 1 entry per household.  Resident is classed as a tenant, owner or sharing owner of CHA or a household member of a tenant, owner or sharing owner of CHA.  Staff/Management Committee members and their close relatives are not permitted to enter.  The person nominating must have the permission of the nominee (where it is not themselves) before entering and by entering confirms permission to use the information submitted.  The information will only be used to administer this fund.  Vouchers will be provided in person (safely) or online for a grocery store, a restaurant, online shopping outlet, entertainment outlet etc or similar. At least 50 entries will be randomly picked on 01 September 2020 from those received between 01 – 31 August 2020 and all winners or those who have nominated them will notified by 04 September 2020.  Prizes will be distributed by 10 September.  The name of the winner and area of stock will be published in our publications ie. Mrs Smith of Linnvale, Mr Smith of Radnor Park. Nature of the special occasion may also be published ie. birthday but not age. Photographs of residents receiving or using their vouchers will be encouraged to provide positive promotion of the fund.