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Alterations - Electric Over Bath Shower

Conditions of the Alteration:

By completing and submitting the form below to us, you agree to be bound by the conditions below.  You will still require to await email confirmation from our Maintenance Team before proceeding with the works.

1. All work to be carried out by appropriately qualified tradesperson.

2. On completion of the works, a copy of the electricians Minor Work Certificate to current IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) must be deposited with the Housing Association to cover the alterations to the house electrics.

3. The correct size of cabling and circuit breaker should be used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations for the shower which you purchase.

4. A shower isolator switch must be installed on the cable run in between the distribution board and the shower unit in an appropriate location.

5. The Association will not be liable for any remedial work associated with defective workmanship or maintenance of the installation.

6. The Association reserves the right to inspect the work on completion and if found not to be of a satisfactory standard, to instruct the necessary remedial work and recover any costs.

7. In the event of you giving up the tenancy, the Association will require the property to be restored to its original condition.

8. Please ensure that the bath is well sealed to the surrounding walls to prevent water ingress to any properties below yours. 

Alterations Form